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Getting a divorce is rarely simple or easy. It is always an emotional process. Even in cases where a couple agrees on how to handle divorce-related issues, disagreements can arise, and determining how to work out the financial and practical details of the split can lead to a variety of difficulties. To avoid problems, you should be represented by a divorce attorney who can provide experienced, dedicated legal help.

At Pesch Law Office PC, we can offer you the advice and guidance you need as you dissolve your marriage. We can discuss all of the laws and legal details that affect you and help you understand the steps you should take to protect yourself and divide your marital property equitably. With the help of our team, you can get through the process and be ready to begin your new life once your divorce is complete.

Assistance With Divorce Issues in Jefferson County, Colorado

Having a legal advocate on your side does not mean that you are looking to create arguments or conflict as you divorce. It simply means that you have someone who is looking out for your interests and making sure the laws are applied correctly. If you are hoping for an amicable divorce with minimal conflict, we will work to help you resolve matters as peaceably as possible. However, we can also provide assistance in a high conflict divorce and fight for your rights and interests during divorce litigation.

As you proceed with the divorce process, we will help you address issues such as:

  • Marital property division - As you make decisions about how you will divide the assets you own and the debts you owe, we will work with you to make sure all financial aspects are considered in the short term and in the long term. This includes gaining a full understanding of the marital estate, which includes your personal property, financial accounts, real estate, and debts. You will also need to consider the assets owned separately by both parties, including any gains or losses in value that took place during your marriage. By fully considering these issues, you can ensure that the final decisions in your divorce are equitable and will provide you with the resources you need now and in the future.

  • Child custody - Issues related to your children can be difficult to resolve, since they likely involve strong emotions. You and your spouse may have different expectations regarding what is best for your children. We can help you negotiate a parenting plan that will address how you will share the parental responsibilities related to raising your children, as well as create a workable schedule for the time your children will spend with each parent. We can guide you through this transition and discuss your children's best interests.

  • Child support - We can help you make sure your children's needs will be met by calculating financial obligations for both parents according to the guidelines in Colorado law. In addition to setting child support, we can help you address other expenses for your children, including medical care and child care, while also considering how you and the other parent will help with college expenses for your children.

  • Spousal support - Depending on the length of your marriage, the income and financial resources of each party at the time of divorce, and each spouse's ability to meet their own needs, financial support may be awarded from one spouse to the other. We can help you understand whether this will be an issue in your divorce. We will make sure make that any award of maintenance is properly calculated under the law.

  • High asset divorce - Multiple legal and financial issues may arise related to valuable assets owned by either or both parties, as well as a high income earned by either spouse. We can help you determine whether additional considerations may be required when addressing property division, child support, or spousal support as a result of high assets or high annual incomes. We can also assist with business valuation for any business interests owned by either spouse, and we can help you understand your rights in situations involving family inheritances or trusts.

  • Post-divorce issues - In the years following your divorce, we can assist with any requests by either party for the modification of your divorce decree, as well as enforcement of court orders.

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Whether you are considering divorce, have already begun the divorce process, or need to address legal issues after your divorce has been finalized, Pesch Law Office PC can offer the legal help you need. Contact us. We serve clients throughout Jefferson County, including Lakewood, Arvada, Wheat Ridge, Golden, and Columbine.

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