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Getting a divorce can often be a stressful process. Even if spouses are in agreement on how they want to handle legal and financial matters when ending their marriage, conflict can arise, and disputes may seem impossible to resolve through negotiations or mediation. While litigating a case in the courtroom is not the preferred option, doing so may become necessary if one spouse is making unreasonable demands or becomes overly litigious OR if the spouses cannot compromise on certain issues OR if there are concerns about the safety of a spouse or their children.

At Pesch Law Office PC, we believe in helping our clients pursue an amicable divorce whenever possible, but we understand that resolving matters in the courtroom is sometimes necessary. Fortunately, we are experienced in advocating for our clients and addressing family law issues both inside and outside of court. As we work with you through your case and address your legal concerns, we will make sure you fully understand your options, and we will do everything we can to calm the fears you may have during this process and ensure that you can achieve a positive outcome to your case.

Court Hearings in Colorado Divorce Cases

After the divorce process begins, by a spouse filing a petition for dissolution of marriage and serving the papers on the other spouse OR by filing a co-petition, an Initial Status Conference will be held in every case. This conference will occur within 42 days after the start of the case. The parties and their attorneys will meet with the assigned judge in the Courtroom or with the county's Family Court Facilitator in a conference room outside the Courtroom, and they will identify the issues in the case and discuss the steps necessary to resolve their case. Deadlines will be set for when mandatory financial disclosures must be made, mediation will be ordered, and a Temporary Orders Hearing may also be scheduled if certain issues need immediate attention.

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A Temporary Orders Hearing will usually take place within a month of the Initial Status Conference. At this hearing, the parties will address how certain matters will be handled while their divorce case is ongoing, such as who will have possession of the marital home, how child custody issues will be handled, how the debts and household expenses are allocated, and whether one party will pay child support or spousal support to the other. After making decisions about these issues, the judge will issue temporary orders that will stay in effect until the divorce has been finalized. If necessary, parties can petition the court for additional temporary orders as matters arise during the divorce process, and another Temporary Orders Hearing may be held to address these requests. Spouses are encouraged to reach agreements on temporary orders, and if an agreement is submitted to the court and approved by the judge, a Temporary Orders Hearing that was set will be canceled or vacated.

Spouses may work together to negotiate a divorce settlement, but if an agreement cannot be reached on all of the outstanding issues, a Permanent Orders Hearing will be held. This is the final step in divorce litigation, and it is commonly known as a divorce trial. During the hearing, the attorneys for both parties may present evidence, call witnesses, cross-examine witnesses called by the other party, and make arguments supporting their position. The judge will make decisions on all outstanding issues, and final orders will be issued. At the conclusion of the hearing, the divorce will be finalized, and the couple's marriage will be legally terminated. A line in the sand will be drawn by the Court, and future assets and debts will be the individual responsibilities free and clear from the other spouse.

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If you are concerned about how disputes will be resolved during your divorce, Pesch Law Office PC can provide you with legal guidance and help you determine the best approach to take. With over 25 years of experience handling all types of family law cases, Attorney Susan Pesch can help you understand the steps that will be followed during your divorce, and she will provide you with dedicated representation both inside and outside the courtroom. To get the legal help you need, contact our office today. We assist with divorce cases throughout Denver and the surrounding metro area, including Jefferson County, Denver, Broomfield County, Douglas County, Weld County, Littleton, Boulder County, Highlands Ranch, Jefferson County, Columbine, Boulder, Arapahoe County, and Golden.