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If you are a parent who is getting a divorce, child support is one important issue that you will need to address. Under Colorado law, the parent's child support obligation continues until the child reaches 19 years of age. The child support amount between you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse is paid based on the income you both earn, and it will cover your children's basic daily needs, as well as other child-related expenses. With a child support order in place, you will have the assurance that your children will be provided for financially as they grow up. However, it is also a good idea to consider your children's needs after they reach adulthood and make sure they will be able to receive the education that will allow them to pursue a good career. When addressing your children's college expenses, you will want to work with an attorney who can help you understand your options.

At Pesch Law Office PC, we understand the importance of providing children with a good education, and we are dedicated to helping our clients find solutions that will meet their children's needs. We will advise you of how the law applies to your situation, and we will work with you to negotiate agreements with your spouse while helping the two of you to put your children's best interests first. Our goal is to address your fears and concerns, make sure you understand your options, and advocate intentionally on your behalf throughout the divorce process.

Divorced Parents and College Expenses

Some states require divorced parents to provide financially for their children to attend college. While Colorado used to be one of those states, the law changed in 1997, and in any divorce or family law cases finalized after that date, children are emancipated upon reaching the age of 19. This means that unless there are extraordinary circumstances, such as a child having a mental or physical disability, parents will not be required to pay child support after their child turns 19, and they will not be required to pay expenses related to the child's postsecondary education.

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However, even though parents do not have a legal requirement to contribute to college expenses, they may still wish to help their children pursue an education. If both parents can agree on how they will both provide support while their child attends college, they can include these decisions in their divorce settlement. This is often an option chosen by couples during an amicable divorce, and by addressing this issue at the time of their split, parents can begin to save money and plan for how they will help pay for college-related costs once their child graduates from high school.

Parents may choose from a number of different options when deciding how they will both provide support while their children are attending college. In some cases, they may be able to begin making contributions right away, putting money in a college savings account that will be available to the child once they reach adulthood or maintain a college account already in existence. In others, they may agree on a specific amount that each parent will pay during the four years of the child's college education, or they may agree that they will each cover a certain percentage of costs such as tuition, room and board, books, supplies, and transportation. Other arrangements may also be made depending on a family's unique situation, such as the agreement that one parent will provide housing and transportation for the child, while the other will pay a portion of college tuition.

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By planning for how you will address college expenses at the time of your divorce, you can avoid a great deal of uncertainty and confusion in the future, while providing the assurance that your children will be able to begin their adult lives successfully. Pesch Law Office PC can provide you with legal help and guidance as you address these concerns and create a divorce settlement that provides for your family's needs both now and in the years to come. To arrange a consultation with our skilled divorce attorney, contact our office. We represent divorcing spouses in communities throughout the Denver metro area, including Denver, Columbine, Arapahoe County, Golden, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Douglas County, Jefferson County, Boulder County, Weld County, Boulder, and Broomfield County.