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While divorce is often seen as an adversarial process, this does not have to be the case. Many couples make a mutual decision to dissolve their marriage while agreeing to resolve their differences as amicably and cooperatively as possible. This can not only reduce the stress and difficulty of the divorce process, but it can help parents build a new relationship that will allow them to work together to raise their children in the years to come.

Even if you would like to resolve the issues of your divorce amicably, it is still important to have an attorney on your side as you work to complete your divorce. With the right lawyer, you can make sure the legal issues involved in dissolving your marriage are addressed correctly while also protecting your rights. Attorney Susan Pesch and the team at Pesch Law Office PC can advise you on the best ways to resolve your divorce-related concerns and reach a complete divorce settlement, while helping you avoid conflict that could prolong your divorce or lead to additional expenses.

Protecting Your Rights During an Amicable Divorce

The desire to cooperate with your soon to be ex-spouse and end your marriage with minimal conflict is understandable and admirable. However, being willing to compromise and work together to resolve your differences does not mean that you should be taken advantage of. Standing up for yourself during discussions and negotiations does not mean you are being combative; it means you are taking action to ensure a positive future for yourself. By working with an attorney and using the right approach as you negotiate your divorce settlement, you can achieve the outcome you deserve.

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You will want to determine the best ways to address the following issues as you work to reach agreements with your spouse:

  • Division of marital property and debts - By understanding how the law addresses the property you and your spouse own together, property you each owned separately before the marriage, as well as debts accrued during your marriage, you can ensure that your assets and debts will be divided equitably. You deserve to be fully informed about the impact of your financial and non-financial contributions to your marriage and the range of a final equitable distribution you are entitled to receive. By figuring out what future goals are most important to you AND keeping in mind what is important to your spouse, you can come to an agreement on how to divide your marital estate in a way that you can both be satisfied with. A WIN-WIN agreement is possible.

  • Child custody - Decisions about how you will handle the legal and physical responsibilities for your children should be based on how you and your spouse handled child-related responsibilities during your marriage. Ideally, you will be able to reach agreements on how you will work together to make decisions for your children and how you will divide the time they will spend in each of your homes, resulting in a parenting plan that you both believe provides for your children's best interests.

  • Child support - Both you and your spouse will have the obligation to provide financial support for your children. During your divorce, you can determine the amount that should be paid according to your incomes by following the guidelines in Colorado law. Further, your attorney can make sure you consider any other factors that may play a role in these calculations.

  • Spousal support - Payments from one spouse to the other following your divorce may be necessary to ensure that both of you can maintain your standard of living. Colorado law provides a formula for spousal support (maintenance) based in part upon your incomes, the length of your marriage, and other statutory factors. As you work to reach a divorce settlement, you and your spouse can determine an appropriate amount of spousal support that will provide the lower-earning spouse with the resources they need to become financially independent.

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At Pesch Law Office PC, we will provide the legal help you need during your divorce. If you are looking to resolve your legal issues cooperatively, Attorney Pesch will advise you of how you can reach a fair divorce settlement while protecting your rights. If conflict arises, she is prepared to advocate for your interests in court. To learn more about how we can help with your case, contact us. We represent clients throughout the Denver metro area, including Denver, Douglas County, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Columbine, Arapahoe County, Golden, Jefferson County, Boulder, Boulder County, Weld County, and Broomfield County.