She Navigated Through My Case with A Relentless Focus and 24/7 Commitment.

Susan is a very strong, passionate and dedicated attorney. She navigated through my case with a relentless focus and 24/7 commitment. While I hope her future cases do not involve the same frantic, unrelenting pace that we endured over the past 2 and half years, there is not another attorney I know who would have stuck with it as she did. Her persistence, incredible attention to detail, excellent knowledge of the law, strength of character, and confidence enabled an end result for my daughters and me (sole custody) that I did not deem possible 3 years ago. I am eternally grateful and would highly recommend Susan for any family law matter.

- Bill

She Was Always One Step Ahead, Attentive to My Needs as Well as The Needs of My Son.

I would highly recommend Susan to anyone in need of a family law attorney! Not only did Susan take on my very complicated case, but she entered in the middle of a very ugly battle and had to deal with my ex and his very difficult attorney. She was always one step ahead, attentive to my needs as well as the needs of my son. She did an excellent job at keeping me well informed of my case. Susan is a powerhouse!

- Julie H.

Susan Is Absolutely a Powerhouse.

Susan is absolutely a powerhouse. She help my husband and I after going rounds and rounds with other attorney’s get justice for our family. Our court case went on for 6 years with no resolve. Literally in and out of court until Susan came in. She has been the breath of fresh air and hope in a hopeless situation! Thank you so much Susan for being light in a very dark situation! We can’t thank you enough!

- Jamie S.

She Was More than Just My Attorney.

Susan was my attorney in my divorce/child custody case. She had my children's best interests, as well my mine, as her top priority; I had my full trust in her. Susan was always well-organized and fast thinking as my case had several ups and downs. She was more than just my Attorney, I know she cared for my well-being and delivered on the results I needed!

- Gwen

Highly Effective, Responsive and Caring.

Susan is highly effective, responsive and caring. I would highly recommend her at a very stressful time in your life.

- Suzanne H.

She's Simply the Best!

Susan Pesch is as sharp as they come and truly cares about her clients. I would highly recommend Susan!! She's simply the best!

- Jan P.

The Office Is Very Well Run and Everyone Is on Top of Their Game!

Susan is amazing at what she does and gets results pretty quickly. The office is very well run and everyone is on top of their game! No complaints

- Jasmine B.

Highly Knowledgeable, Extremely Thorough, and Very Helpful.

I consulted with Susan on a marriage issue and found her to be highly knowledgeable, extremely thorough, and very helpful. She never seemed to be in a rush and had the time to answer my questions. I recommend Susan without reservation.

- Jeff

Bright, Thorough, Engaging, Thought-Provoking.

Susan Pesch is dedicated to her profession. She is extraordinarily bright, thorough, engaging, thought-provoking, and will advocate for the very best outcome for her clients. I highly recommend her for any Family Law need and have referred her to several clients and friends.

- Shirley J.

Always Kept Me Informed by Phone and Mail.

Susan handled my divorce case. She was very honest and straight forward in all aspects. Always kept me informed by phone and mail. She sure knew all the laws regarding divorces and she abided by them. I was very pleased with the way she handled my case. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone who needed them.

- Diane