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To ensure that divorce-related issues will be addressed properly, it is crucial to obtain representation from an experienced family law attorney.

If you are considering divorce, or if you have already taken steps to separate from your spouse and begin the process of divorce, Pesch Law Office PC can advise you on the options available to you and provide you with legal guidance throughout the divorce process. We can make sure you meet all of your legal requirements while advocating for you both inside and outside the courtroom to ensure that you can achieve your goals.

Legal Issues to Address During Divorce

In many cases, spouses will be looking to pursue an amicable divorce in which they will cooperate to resolve their outstanding issues and create a divorce settlement that both parties can live with and stand by. However, negotiations may sometimes break down, and disputes between spouses in high conflict divorce cases may need to be resolved through divorce litigation. No matter the approach you take in your divorce, we can provide you with legal strategy and help you find workable solutions.

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During your divorce, you may need to address issues such as:

  • Asset and debt division - You will need to consider all of the property you own together with your spouse, as well as the assets you each own separately and all of the debts you owe. By determining how to divide your assets and debts fairly and equitably, you can move forward with the maximum financial security after your divorce is complete.

  • High asset divorce issues - If you have a high net worth, you may need to consider multiple types of complex financial issues involving the assets you own and the income you earn. We can assist with business valuations to ensure that business assets are addressed properly, and we can also help you determine how to handle inheritances and family trusts.

  • Spousal support - If one spouse earns a significantly higher income, the other spouse may require financial support to ensure that they can maintain their standard of living. We can help you determine whether spousal maintenance is likely to be awarded in your divorce, and we will make sure the amount and duration of support are calculated correctly.

  • Child support - Parents will be required to provide for their children's financial needs. When addressing these issues, we will make sure all sources of income and other relevant factors are considered when calculating child support obligations. We will also help you address additional child-related costs and expenses.

  • Child custody - We can help you work together with your spouse to create a parenting plan that describes how you will share decision-making responsibilities for your children, specifies a schedule for parenting time, and addresses any other decisions related to co-parenting.

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At Pesch Law Office PC, we can offer compassionate, dedicated legal help from the beginning to the end of your divorce. Our team will educate you about the laws that apply to you, answer any questions you may have, and address the fears or concerns that you may encounter. To set up a consultation and get the legal representation you need, contact us today. We work with divorcing spouses throughout the Denver metro area, including Golden, Weld County, Broomfield County, Boulder, Jefferson County, Highlands Ranch, Douglas County, Littleton, Arapahoe County, Denver, Columbine, and Boulder County.