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When parents are divorcing, or when unmarried parents separate, child support orders will be established to ensure that both parents are contributing toward their children's ongoing needs. Colorado law includes guidelines for calculating child support obligations based on parents' incomes. However, in addition to this amount, parents may also need to determine how they will pay for additional expenses for their children. To ensure that these costs will be addressed correctly, it is important for a parent to work with a family law attorney who can advise them of how the law applies in their case.

Whether you are getting a divorce or need to address issues related to child custody and child support as an unmarried parent, the team at Pesch Law Office PC can assist with your case. We will explain your rights and options, answer your questions, address your concerns, help you gather the necessary financial information, and advise you about the steps you can take to provide for your children. With our help, you can reach a resolution to your case that will ensure that both you and your children will have the financial resources you need.

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Child Support Adjustments

The basic child support obligation that is calculated using the guidelines in Colorado law is meant to provide for children's basic needs. This support will be used to ensure that children have a place to live, receive the proper nutrition, and have all the clothing they need. However, parents may also need to pay a variety of other expenses related to their children, and the parents' child support obligations may be adjusted to address these costs. Colorado law provides for the following types of adjustments:

  • Child care costs - Children may need to attend daycare or receive other forms of child care while either parent is working, looking for employment, or pursuing an education. The net costs for child care may be divided between parents proportionally based on their incomes.

  • Health care expenses - Parents will be required to provide medical, dental, and vision insurance coverage for their children, either through an insurance plan provided by a parent's employer or through a private insurer. Health insurance premiums will be added to child support obligations by including the cost of dependent coverage on the child support worksheet. The cost is divided between the parents in proportion to their gross incomes. Parents will also need to share any other extraordinary medical expenses, including deductibles, copayments, orthodontic care, vision care, physical therapy, or other chronic health issues that are not covered by insurance. Parents may also be required to provide psychiatric care or counseling for children who have diagnosed mental health issues. Additional expenses should be paid by each parent directly to the provider. Reimbursement to the paying parent is not ideal.

  • Other extraordinary expenses - Parents may be required to share in the costs of private school tuition, public school registration fees, or other special educational expenses needed to meet a child's educational needs. They may also divide the costs of transporting their children between their homes if the distance between the parents requires extra-ordinary travel for parenting time exchanges.

Parents can agree to allocate such other child-related expenses as part of their divorce settlement, or a parent can ask the Court to allocate the same. These expenses may also include fees and other expenses related to sports, music programs, swimming lessons, dance classes, clubs, or other activities that children participate in, the cost of driver's education fees, the cost of including a child as an additional driver on a car insurance policy, costs of a cell phone, etc.

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