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Sometimes a domestic relations case needs a ruling from the court to reach a resolution. While we do our best at Pesch Law Office PC to mediate and come to an amicable solution out of court, we understand that some divorce cases must be resolved in other ways.

If you need a confident courtroom presence to fight with you, our Denver litigation attorney and team of legal professionals are here to help.

The Pesch Law Office PC Approach to Litigation in Denver

Our firm consists of an entire team of professionals available to help you with your legal needs not just during your case, but after as well, if requested. From our attorney to our paralegal, we all operate in unison. Each member of our team understands your case and works tirelessly to help prepare for your final hearing.

Our approach to litigation is unique in the sense that:

We calm fears:

  • We do not just advocate for your rights. We are your partners throughout the entire litigation process. We are invested in your success and stop at nothing to ensure you feel informed and comfortable every step of the way. If uncertainty or fear comes up, as it often does in these types of cases, we are here to support you.

We guide you through your options:

  • We pride ourselves on offering you options. You will always be presented with choices when it comes to determining the best resolution for your case. You can rest assured that we will work with you to figure out which option best benefits you and your family.

We advocate intentionally:

  • Our attorney and team of professionals are committed to advocacy that aligns with our values. We put purpose and knowledge to good use and constantly find a way to reach a resolution.

We are a team of supporters:

  • You do not just have an entire team of legal professionals backing you, you have a list of partners ready to advocate on your behalf. We partner with various outside professionals, including appraisers, parenting coaches, and financial advisors, so that if any issue comes up, you are covered.

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