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Family law governs close relationships with adults and children. These cases typically require you to make decisions that will have a lasting impact on your family for years to come. Due to the nature of this, it is important that you hire a Denver family law lawyer dedicated to providing you with a tailored approach.

Here at Pesch Law Office PC, we not only advocate for you, we also educate you on what your best options are to support your family as you move forward. We take additional time to help you because we can. We have purposely kept our firm small to offer a boutique approach. We have made it our top priority for over 28 years to ensure you obtain the best possible outcome for your case, so you can move forward in an amicable manner.

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We offer in-person and phone consultations to better serve our clients. Contact us today to book an initial consultation and get started on your family law case.

Our goal is to equip you with all the legal knowledge and advice we can, so you can make the best decision for yourself and your family. We understand how emotionally charged this time is for you, and we are happy to guide you through it.

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Your Advocate for All Your Family Law Needs

Our family law attorney and team of legal professionals concentrate on serving you as you navigate all of the unknown factors that accompany a family law case.

What Sets Us Apart as a Family Law Firm

Team-Oriented Approach

Here at our firm, we are a cohesive unit, so you can rest assured knowing you have an entire team helping you. From our attorney to our paralegal, we operate in unison. Each member of our team is familiar with your case.

You will have guidance every single step of the way – no matter what happens. At our firm, you never have to do anything alone. We will always provide you with the best knowledge and advice possible to help you reach an amicable resolution.

To further set ourselves apart, we even provide services after a resolution has been made. We go above and beyond what is expected and consistently deliver so you can focus on this transition period in your life.

Emphasis on Amicable Divorce

When it comes to divorce and separation, we try to keep it as amicable as possible and do not rush to litigation. In the event children are involved, we place an even bigger emphasis on staying out of court for their sake. We believe that if you can resolve your divorce without the need for litigation, you are more likely to be able to co-parent and spend more time with your former spouse. Let us help you talk through it together.

If an amicable divorce is just not possible and you need a courtroom attorney, we will fight for you to protect your rights.

Intentional Advocacy

We are your trusted advocates and partners. It is our goal to empower you with information and knowledge so you can make all the decisions regarding your family law case. It is our responsibility to provide you with resources and options, but we understand that it is your decision to decide what to do with that information. We always want what is best for you and your family.

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