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Attorney for Amicable and Contested Divorce Cases in Douglas County, Colorado

The decision to dissolve your marriage is not an easy one, but regardless of the reasons why your relationship with your spouse has broken down, you will want to make sure you are taking the right steps before and during the divorce process. Whether you expect to maintain a good relationship with your ex-spouse or not, you will want to have an experienced attorney by your side who can advocate for your rights and interests.

Pesch Law Office PC provides compassionate, dedicated legal help and representation to divorcing spouses in Douglas County and the surrounding areas. We understand the emotional and financial difficulties that come with the end of a relationship, and we will provide the legal support you need throughout the divorce process. We will make sure you understand the laws that apply to you and the procedures that will be followed while helping you find ways to successfully resolve any disputes that may arise.

Legal Help With Divorce-Related Issues

As your case moves forward, we can help you take the correct steps to complete the process as easily and efficiently as possible while ensuring that your rights are protected. We can assist with:

  • Amicable divorce - Even if you and your spouse have agreed to resolve your issues as peacefully as possible, you will need to understand your rights and avoid a settlement that would put you at a disadvantage. We can help you make decisions that will protect your interests.

  • High conflict divorce - A divorce may be contentious from the start, or disputes may arise during the process that may seem difficult or impossible to resolve. We can help you determine the best ways to resolve divorce-related disputes while making sure your rights and interests are protected at all times.

  • Divorce litigation and trials - We can provide you with representation in any matters that need to be settled in the courtroom, including Temporary Orders Hearings to address issues during your divorce and a Permanent Orders Hearing or divorce trial.

  • Property division - As you determine how to divide your marital assets and debts, you will need to consider a variety of financial issues, including the property you or your spouse own separately from each other and whether these assets have gained or lost value over the course of your marriage.

  • Spousal maintenance - Financial support paid by one spouse to the other may be appropriate if one party needs this type of support to meet their ongoing needs and the other has the ability to pay support. We can help you understand whether spousal support will be appropriate in your case.

  • Child custody - If you and your spouse have children, you will need to decide how you will share responsibility for making decisions about how they will be raised. You will also need to create a parenting time schedule, as well as a parenting plan that addresses issues related to co-parenting.

  • Child support - You and your child's other parent will have the obligation to support your children financially. We can make sure child support is calculated correctly based on the incomes you both earn and the ways parenting time will be divided. We can also help you address additional child-related expenses.

  • High net worth divorce - We can help you address complex financial issues related to high incomes or valuable property. If you or your spouse are a business owner, you may need to perform a business valuation, and if you come from a wealthy family, you may need to address inheritances or family trusts.

  • Post-divorce modifications and enforcement - After you have completed the divorce process, you may need to return to court if either party requests changes to the court's orders. You may also need to ask the court to enforce its orders if your ex-spouse has not met their legal obligations.

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To get high-quality legal help during your divorce, contact Pesch Law Office PC by calling. We represent spouses in divorce cases throughout Douglas County, including Denver, Highlands Ranch, Meridian, Lone Tree, Parker, and Castle Pines.

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