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Attorney for Asset Division, Spousal Support, and Child Custody in Adams County, Colorado

Marriages can break down for many reasons. Colorado is a "no fault" state, and the reasons for the divorce are not part of the court file, and the documents simply state that the couple is no longer compatible. While some couples may attempt to repair their relationship before or during the divorce process, others may decide that moving forward as soon as possible is the best option for everyone involved. In every divorce case, you will need to understand the legal issues that must be addressed and the options to protect your rights. By working with an experienced lawyer, a person can make informed decisions that will allow them to achieve their goals.

At Pesch Law Office PC, our team understands the difficulties experienced during the divorce process, and we are dedicated to helping our clients resolve their legal issues and disputes effectively. We strive to address our clients' needs at all times while educating them about their rights and helping them determine their best options for achieving positive results. While we believe in finding amicable solutions whenever possible, we are also prepared to advocate for our clients in court hearings or trials.

Assistance With Divorce-Related Concerns in Adams County, CO

Divorcing spouses will need to resolve many different legal issues involving their property, their children, their living arrangements, and their ongoing financial needs and responsibilities. We can provide legal representation when addressing these matters, including assistance with:

  • Property and asset division - All of a couple's assets and debts will need to be identified, including those that are considered marital property and those that are separately owned by either spouse. Marital property and debts will need to be divided equitably between the spouses. During this process, a couple will need to consider assets such as real estate, financial accounts, physical belongings, family-owned businesses, and retirement savings and benefits.

  • Spousal support - One spouse may need financial support from the other to meet their ongoing needs. This type of support or maintenance may be awarded for a definite period of time or permanently, depending on several circumstances or guidelines.

  • Child custody and parenting time - Spouses who share children must address how they will divide or share decision-making responsibilities related to issues such as children's medical care and education. A parenting time schedule will also need to be created detailing when children will spend time in the care of each parent. We can assist with the creation of a parenting plan that addresses these issues and includes other decisions that will allow ex-spouses to work together as co-parents in the years to come.

  • Child support - Both parents will have financial responsibility to ensure that their children's daily needs are paid for. The amount of child support payments to be set is calculated based on parents' combined income, as well as each parent's amount of overnight parenting time. Parents will also need to determine how to share other expenses for their children, and they may agree on their obligations to assist with college expenses for their children.

  • High asset divorce - If a couple owns significant assets, or if either spouse earns a high income, multiple types of unique financial issues will need to be addressed during the divorce process. For spouses who are business owners, we can help perform a business valuation to make sure the business's assets and finances are handled correctly during the divorce process. We can also make sure spouses understand their rights regarding expected inheritances or distributions from family trusts.

  • Amicable divorce - Spouses may wish to approach the divorce process in a spirit of cooperation and resolve their issues with minimal conflict. However, it is still important for a person to consult with an attorney and ensure that their rights and interests will be protected in their divorce settlement.

  • Divorce litigation - If negotiations between spouses break down, or if a couple is involved in a high conflict divorce, their legal issues may need to be resolved by a Judge through court hearings and trials. We provide representation during these proceedings, advocating on our clients' behalf.

  • Enforcement or modification of divorce orders - After finalizing their divorce, a spouse may wish to modify the court's orders due to changes in their lives, or they may need to take action to ensure that their ex-spouse meets their legal obligations.

Contact Our Adams County Divorce Attorney

Regardless of the level of complexity of your divorce, you need an attorney who can advise you on the steps you can take to achieve a positive outcome. To learn how we can help with your case, contact Pesch Law Office PC today. We assist with divorce cases in communities in and around Adams County, including Thornton, Westminster, Northglenn, Federal Heights, Commerce City, and Brighton.

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