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Client Testimonials

Denver Divorce Attorney Susan Marie Pesch

Susan was my Attorney in my Divorce/Child Custody Case.

She had my childrens best interests, as well my mine, as her top priority; I had my full trust in her. Susan was always well-organized and fast thinking as my case had several ups and downs. She was more than just my Attorney, I know she cared for my well-being and delivered on the results I needed!

- Gwen

Susan handled my divorce case.

She was very honest and straight forward in all aspects. Always kept me informed by phone and mail. She sure knew all the laws regarding divorces and she abided by them. I was very pleased the way she handled my case. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone who needed them.

- Diane

Susan is a very strong, passionate and dedicated attorney.

She navigated through my case with a relentless focus and 24/7 commitment. While I hope her future cases do not involve the same frantic, unrelenting pace that we endured over the past 2 and half years, there is not another attorney I know who would have stuck with it as she did. Her persistence, incredible attention to detail, excellent knowledge of the law, strength of character, and confidence enabled an end result for my daughters and me (sole custody) that I did not deem possible 3 years ago. I am eternally grateful and would highly recommend Susan for any family law matter.

- Satisfied Client

I hope that I can contain myself in my praises for Susan.

Several years ago my wife of 34 years decided that she had enough of me and within three weeks of separation served me with divorce papers. I reacted swiftly and found a lawyer without doing enough research. Long story short after 2 months a 4way settlement meeting was set and attended to by all parties. It was a disaster for me as my lawyer was completely unprepared. I then asked around and a sister with paralegal experience helped me find Susan. Best move I ever made. I was an emotional wreck, a fish out of water and Susan managed to regroup me. Not having knowledge of anything divorce related I was comfortable with her ability to bring to a level of understanding necessary to keep me level headed throughout the 8 month process. There were obstacles to overcome and she seemed to handle everything with great confidence. Her prompt responses and explanations to my constant questions impressed me also. Somehow she always seemed to have time for me. As I said I was a fish out of water. I did have several family members with whom I could talk to but they all tried to maintain a neutral position not allowing me much more sage advice than your self esteem is going to take a beating. I was very fortunate to have found Susan as she did listen to my words and together accomplished a more than fair settlement that to this day some 4 years later I am still satisfied with. There were some issues I may have been naive about and Susan helped me see clearly rough them. Perhaps the single greatest thing about Susan is her humanity. It was very apparent to me that I was being protected by her. The law can be vague and in some cases it almost seems to be manipulated at least subject to interpretation. This was a difficult concept for me as my world had pretty much been black and white. Whatever way the process pushed or shoved Susan remained calm, assuring even nurturing at times. When the divorced was finalized I was on firm optimistic footing to take on the rest of my life and I truly have Susan Marie Pesch, Esq. to thank.

- Frank

I would highly recommend Ms Pesch as a lawyer and I have recommended her.

She watched out for me and helped me through a tuff time. At times I wanted to give up and walk away. She always talked to me and explained everything that was going on and was a great support during this time. She knows what she is doing and is very professional.

- OnDreia

I used Susan as my legal representation for a divorce and custody of my children.

Susan was extremely knowledgeable and understanding of the situation. Everything she predicted came true during and after the divorce. She guided me through the whole process and was able to answer questions for me and represent my wishes. I would highly recommend using her to anyone going through this difficult time in their life.

- Lisa

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