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Mediation Division

Our mediation division is committed to helping clients transition through emotionally challenging legal matters using facilitative solutions by helping you avoid expensive litigation.

Meet Our Mediator


Amber Hill Anderson MA, formerly of Hilltop Mediation, joins Pesch Law Office as the Division Director and Lead Mediator of the new Dispute Resolution Division.

Amber earned her master’s degree in International Peace and Conflict Resolution from American University.

She also serves as a mediator with Douglas County small claims, Jefferson County Mediation Services, and Community Mediation Concepts. Amber is an adjunct faculty member at the University of Denver.

Ms. Hill Anderson worked for conflict resolution organizations, including the Organization of American States, International Peace and Security Institute, and the Center for Peacebuilding and Development. She is a patron member of the CBA’s ADR and Family Law sections and a professional member of the Mediation Association of Colorado.

Why Work With Pesch Law Office Mediation?

  • Non - Attorney Mediator
  • Joint Sessions with Parties
  • Low Fees
  • 3 Hour Max Sessions
  • Session offered via Zoom or Phone
  • Self Represented Participants
  • Co - Mediator Option

Empowered Decisions

We are proud to offer solution-focused, collaborative mediation services at Pesch Law Office, PC. Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution where two parties discuss their issues with the assistance of a neutral, third party or mediator who assists them in reaching a settlement. Our non-attorney Mediator Amber Hill Anderson, MA leads our new Dispute Resolution Division, which offers mediation services in the following areas:

  • Family law cases
  • Pre-litigation services
  • Small claims matters
  • Property disputes
  • Neighbor conflicts
  • Property management issues
  • HOA claims

Our mediation division seeks to help you find the best resolution for your case without the involvement of an attorney. The emphasis we place on mediation is important to us. We set ourselves apart from other mediation services in three distinct ways:

Mediation sessions include the participation of both parties:

  • This creates an atmosphere conducive to transparent, open, and honest communication. Any issues are addressed together to help both parties reach a win-win agreement.

Mediation sessions do not surpass three to four hours:

  • If an agreement is not reached and additional time is needed, both parties can reconvene. This provides both parties with adequate time to speak without the need to reach an immediate resolution. It also eliminates accidentally agreeing to something due to exhaustion or emotional strain.

Mediation services are led by our non-attorney, professional mediator:

  • Our professional mediator, Amber Hill Anderson, has a master’s degree in conflict resolution. She offers solution-focused care in a facilitative manner that will help you resolve your legal matter without the need for legal representation.

How to Prepare for a Mediation Session

To best prepare for your mediation session, make sure you bring copies of your court orders, financial documents, and any other documentation that relates to your legal matter. If child support is an issue, you will need to include documentation of income and a financial affidavit. Before your scheduled mediation session, you should prepare a pre-conference or confidential settlement statement. The pre-conference statement should include the following items:

  • A list of all the issues you would like addressed and then resolved during meditation.
  • A list of your needs and interests and how they relate to these issues.
  • A list of your understanding of the needs and interests of the other members in your family.

Consult with Our Denver Mediation Professional

If you are looking for a method that helps you to reach your own solution to your legal issue, mediation might be for you. Our professional mediator, Amber Hill Anderson, offers results-oriented mediation services for all your legal needs. With her facilitative approach, she can help empower you to reach the best solution for your future.

Reach out to us online or call us at 303-567-7922 to book an initial consultation today.

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