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Jefferson County Mediators for Small Claims Cases

Broomfield County mediation in small claims disputes

Mediation Services in Cases Where People or Businesses Seek to Collect Money Owed in Colorado

There are a wide variety of situations where an individual or organization may believe that they are owed money by someone else, and they may take legal action to collect this amount. Cases involving $7,500 or less are handled in small claims court. However, pursuing these types of claims can take a great deal of time, and the legal fees involved in a case can decrease the amount that a person or company is able to recover. Court dockets are backed up, creating long wait times for cases to even be heard. Fortunately, mediation provides a way to resolve these disputes more quickly and efficiently.

If you need to collect money owed to you, or if another person or organization is claiming that you owe them money, Pesch Law Office PC can provide you with mediation services to resolve these issues. Our mediators will work together with you and the other party to reach an agreement on the amount that should be paid, as well as the method and time frame for making payments. Our non-attorney mediators will help you find workable solutions without the need to prosecute your case in court.

Mediation in Small Claims Cases

Small claims cases may involve multiple different types of situations in which one party owes money to another party, including:

  • Damage to a person's property, such as a vehicle that was borrowed by a friend or family member
  • Collection of personal loans
  • A breach of contract involving a small business
  • Disputes between landlords and tenants involving the return of a security deposit
  • Professional negligence, such as home or car repairs that were completed incorrectly
  • Personal injury cases involving minor injuries, such as dog bites

Mediation may be ordered by the court after a small claims case is filed, or the parties can use mediation to resolve these disputes without filing a legal case. During the mediation process, the parties will communicate directly with each other, and a neutral mediator will help them reach an agreement on how to resolve their dispute. Agreements will be crafted to suit the parties' unique needs. The parties may settle on an appropriate amount to be paid by one party to the other, and they can make arrangements for paying the money owed either as a lump sum or in multiple installments. Mediation can be especially beneficial for parties who wish to maintain personal or professional relationships with each other after their case is settled.

When preparing for small claims mediation, parties should gather as much information as possible about the case, including financial documents, contracts, receipts for repairs or work performed, or details that describe the circumstances that led to the dispute. During mediation, the parties can discuss the case and the reasons they are seeking payment or have not been able to pay the money owed. By gaining an understanding of the other side's needs and concerns, the parties can determine the best ways to reach agreements they will both be satisfied with.

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At Pesch Law Office PC, our mediators can work with you to resolve small claims matters. We will help you address these issues efficiently and effectively, allowing you to avoid ongoing financial issues and legal complications. Our goal is to reach agreements that meet the needs of both parties. To learn more about how you can resolve small claims issues through mediation, contact us by calling 303-567-7922. We offer professional mediation services in small claims cases in cities and counties throughout Colorado, including Boulder, Boulder County, Denver County, Jefferson County, Golden, Columbine, Broomfield County, Arapahoe County, Douglas County, Denver, Weld County, Littleton, and Highlands Ranch.

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