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Douglas County Mediation Services for Legal Cases

Boulder mediation for legal disputes

Experienced Mediators Helping Resolve Legal Disputes in Denver, Littleton, and Boulder

Going to court to address legal issues can be a stressful, time-consuming, and expensive process. In many cases, the parties in these types of cases will be looking to reach an out-of-court settlement rather than resolving disputes through litigation. However, the parties may not be sure of how to proceed with negotiations, or they may struggle to work together to reach compromises. In many types of legal disputes, mediation can be a beneficial way to negotiate a settlement that is satisfactory for both parties.

Pesch Law Office PC provides mediation services in multiple different types of legal cases, as well as in disputes that are handled outside the legal system. Our non-attorney mediators work with parties in joint mediation sessions, helping them determine the best ways to resolve their differences. We can also provide co-mediation services in which an attorney assists with the negotiation. We are dedicated to helping our clients reach win-win agreements that are satisfactory to all parties involved in a case.

Mediation in Multiple Types of Legal Cases

For those who are involved in legal disputes, mediation offers a way to reach a settlement much more quickly and cost-effectively than litigation. Parties should understand that the mediator will not make any decisions about the outcome of the case. Instead, we will encourage the parties to explain their positions and guide them toward making realistic, effective, satisfactory agreements.

We provide mediation services in multiple types of legal cases, including:

  • Family law - Married couples often use mediation to reach a divorce settlement, and mediation can also be an effective way to resolve child custody disputes and address requested modifications to court orders.
  • Probate - Wills and estate issues can be addressed between family members grieving the loss of a loved one. During mediation, the parties can work together to reach agreements that will benefit their families going forward.
  • Contract disputes - A business may suffer financial losses due to a breach of contract, and it may seek different types of remedies, such as the payment of damages or the fulfillment of the contract's terms. Mediation can help the parties in these cases to reach agreements regarding how they will meet their obligations or how much one party will pay to the other for a breach of contract.
  • Real estate - Disputes between buyers and sellers of real estate may arise because one party believes that the other has not fulfilled the terms of a purchase agreement, or they may disagree about which party is responsible for addressing defects on a property or making repairs. Mediation can help buyers and sellers determine how to resolve these issues without the need to go to court.

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When legal disputes are litigated in court, a case may take months or years to resolve, and the parties will be required to pay significant legal fees and other related expenses. Mediation offers an alternative method for resolving these types of disputes, and it often allows parties to reach a settlement much more quickly while saving money. At Pesch Law Office PC, we can discuss mediation as it applies to your legal case. Contact us and arrange a consultation today by calling 303-567-7922. We offer mediation in legal cases in Highlands Ranch, Boulder County, Golden, Jefferson County, Littleton, Broomfield County, Denver, Weld County, Boulder, Douglas County, Columbine, Arapahoe County, and throughout the Denver metro region.

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