Why You Still Need to Hire an Attorney for An Amicable Divorce

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While amicable divorces may seem straightforward, there are still many legal considerations that could warrant the need to hire an attorney. This may be particularly necessary if the divorcing couple jointly owns assets, have complex custody issues at play, or one spouse has significantly more debt than the other. In any event, hiring an attorney is strongly encouraged, regardless of the amicability of your divorce. To locate an attorney that is right for you, consider seeking the advice of friends, relatives or searching online. Remember, hiring an attorney is an investment in your future, and while your divorce may be amicable, such proceedings need to be approached with the utmost caution.

Why You Need a Legal Professional in Your Corner During Your Amicable Divorce

Amicable or not, divorces are complicated. As a result, here is why you will want an attorney by your side as you navigate this process:

  • Identifying your legal rights and obligations – Your lawyer will explain to you your legal rights as they pertain to the law in Colorado. This can be especially helpful in ensuring that you receive an equitable division of property and staying aware of the various other moving parts involved in your divorce.

  • Tailored legal services – Your attorney can develop guidance specific to your case and situation. Even when both parties communicate amicably, divorces without attorneys can easily result in costly misunderstandings regarding rights and responsibilities – plus, an attorney can argue and negotiate on your behalf if necessary.

  • Assisting with paperwork – Divorce involves an avalanche of paperwork. Even minor mistakes or omissions can lead to sizable delays in the proceedings. Hiring an attorney helps mitigate mistakes, speeds the process up, and ensures all required documents are correctly prepared.

  • Side-stepping conflict – Sure, your divorce may begin as amicable, but emotions may escalate as the process progresses. Hiring an attorney can shield you from getting embroiled in complicated, blood-pressure-inducing issues that should be delegated to the attorneys rather than those getting divorced.

  • Considering unforeseen events – Life is unpredictable. Nothing, not even an amicable divorce, can prepare for the many things that can arise during the process. Your attorney will help you consider the future as well as navigate the issues of the present.

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