When Is It Time to Consider a Divorce?

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Two people do not get married and plan to get divorced at some later time. The topic of divorce is sometimes brought up when people and circumstances change over the course of years. Over time during a marriage, there will be many challenges, but it is when you no longer want to conquer them with your spouse that a divorce sounds like the better option.

The statistical likelihood of who gets divorced varies based on many factors such as age, the length of marriage, and if a person has divorced before. In the last two decades, the overall number of divorces have decreased from 2000 to 2014, challenging the widely accepted “truth” that half of marriages end in divorce. (The actual rate of divorce is estimated to be between 30 and 40 percent in today’s world.)

Factors Involved in Deciding to Divorce

Whether or not you have seriously considered divorcing your spouse or not, here are some signs that it is time to get a divorce:

  • Your happiness - No relationship is perfect, and there are bumps in the road for every couple, but think about the last time you were truly happy in your marriage. If the negatives outweigh the positives in your relationship, then it will probably not be long until your marriage will fall apart. If you are unhappy, your partner probably is too. Couples therapy can be a positive tool towards building the relationship back up with your spouse. However, if after therapy, both of you are still unhappy, consider getting a divorce.

  • Better alone - With the stress of a failing relationship, you may feel like you are better off without your spouse. They might be the reason you feel angry or question your self-worth. If the idea of talking about your marriage with your spouse is daunting, being without them may feel like the better option. Being alone would require just maintaining yourself, and not a damaged relationship.

  • Missing intimacy - Intimacy means different things to different people, and is not always about private physical acts. Even though a lack of activity in the bedroom is a sign of problems in the marriage, a lack of emotional intimacy is also damaging. Your spouse is supposed to know you best, and issues with that bond and familiarity can create just as much tension as a lack of physical intimacy.

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