What Issues Are Usually the Most Prevalent in High-Conflict Divorces?

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A high-conflict divorce is a legal proceeding that involves significant disagreement or animosity between the parties. Intense emotions, contentious disputes, and high hostility often mark these types of divorces. In addition, several common issues can make the process more difficult and protracted. For anyone approaching this type of situation, understand that an experienced divorce attorney can be a great resource during this challenging time as you navigate the various legal and personal considerations that may be relevant to you and your case.

Issues in High-Conflict Divorces

Here are the most common issues that arise, including:

  •  Child custody and visitation – One of the most contentious issues in any divorce is child custody and visitation. In high-conflict divorces, the parties may disagree over who should have custody of the children, how much time each parent should spend with the children, and how significant decisions that affect the children should be made.

  •  Asset and debt division – Another common issue in high-conflict divorces is the division of assets and debts. The parties may disagree over how assets should be divided, what constitutes marital property, and how debts should be allocated.

  • Spousal support – Spousal support is another common issue in high-conflict divorces. The parties may disagree over whether spousal support should be awarded, how much support should be awarded, and how long the support should last.

  • Communication breakdown – In these types of cases, communication breakdown is typical. The parties may have difficulty communicating with each other, which can lead to misunderstandings, a lack of cooperation, and an inability to negotiate effectively.

  • Financial issues – Financial issues can also be a source of conflict in high-conflict divorces. The parties may disagree over how much money should be spent on legal fees, how much money should be spent on child support or spousal support, and how assets should be valued and divided.

How a Lawyer Can Help

During this difficult time, it is essential to work with an experienced family law attorney who can help you navigate the complex legal issues involved. An attorney can help you develop a strategy for resolving disputes, negotiate with the other party, and advocate for your legal rights and interests.

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