The Challenges of Post-Divorce Dating

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You probably know at least one person, if not many people, who emerged from a divorce and jumped almost directly into a new romantic relationship—metaphorically before the ink even dried on their paperwork. Depending on the situation of your marriage and divorce, you may find the idea of a new romantic partner extremely appealing. There are several reasons, however, that you might want to take a step back and consider if you are truly ready for a new commitment so soon.

Divorce and Grief

Mental health experts regularly suggest that the psychological and emotional effects of a divorce are very similar to those associated with the death of a loved one. As with death, grieving the end of your marriage is a process and not an event that is over after a specified amount of time. Every person grieves differently, and there is no right or wrong way to move through it. This means that while some people may be ready to date again right away, others may not be emotionally prepared for months or even years. Sometimes, a person might never be ready for another new romantic relationship.

Casual vs. Serious Dating

As your marriage deteriorated, you may have experienced extreme loneliness and isolation. While you may feel like the only way to overcome these feelings is to find someone to date exclusively. There is, however, a middle ground. Without putting yourself at risk of another heartbreak with a new romance, you may consider casually dating and meeting a variety of people. You may even find that casual dating allows you to heal and rebuild your own confidence along the way.

When to Introduce the Children

If you have children, the challenges of dating after your divorce may increase exponentially. In addition to the scheduling acrobatics that will almost certainly be necessary, you will also need to decide how and when to include your children in your new relationship. Obviously, if you are just casually dating, it will not be much of a concern, but more serious interest will need to meet your children at some point. Introducing them, however, should probably not happen until you and your new partner have some form of commitment. Building a new relationship with another adult and then having that adult leave could reopen wounds from the divorce itself for your children.

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