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Handling Your Colorado Property Dispute Through Mediation

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CO mediation lawyerDisputes regarding someone’s property, especially someone’s home, can lead to serious turmoil and grief. When an individual invests both financially and emotionally into a piece of land, reactions to disagreements can be severe. With this in mind, it is important to remember that neighbors are likely to stay neighbors even after a weighty argument has led to bitterness between the parties. The best option for significant neighborhood conflict is likely mediation. With the help of a mediator, the neighbors can come to a peaceful, satisfying resolution.

Mediation in Regard to Property Disputes

Many people going through frustrating disputes with their neighbors rely on a mediator to facilitate a discussion between the two parties. The mediator acts as a third party who can help to resolve the conflict at hand. These disputes may involve arguments over land ownership, parking spaces, barking dogs, and landscaping.

Taking the route of mediation during a neighborhood property dispute allows the conflicting parties to reach a solution that benefits everyone involved. In order to accomplish this, the mediator will meet with the parties involved on numerous occasions to gather facts and explore potential solutions.

To reach an acceptable resolution, it is important for the two parties to speak openly and freely about the disagreement and come to an agreement on a proposed resolution. The mediator’s role is solely to generate options for the parties by guiding them through the discussion process and designing the agreement. It is important to note that the mediator is not responsible for deciding how the disagreement should be resolved.

Resolutions resulting from mediation can arise in a matter of hours or several months. Utilizing mediation resources such as experts and site inspections will save both parties grief, time, and effort.

The Benefits of Mediation

In regard to neighborhood disputes, mediation is one of the most effective manners in which to handle disagreements. Considering that it is most likely that neither of the parties will move in the near future, mediation poses a beneficial option compared to suing or getting the police involved.

Including a neutral third party in this sort of dispute is incredibly helpful, additionally, it is much less expensive than attaining a lawyer and going to trial. Mediation also allows for creative solutions that would not be possible in the courtroom. Disputes handled through mediation allow for quicker resolutions and fewer complications than legal matters handled through litigation.

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Most people take substantial pride in the ownership of their property. When a neighbor disrupts someone’s expectations, standards, or preferences in regards to that property, it can cause significant conflict. Our mediation team at Pesch Law Office, PC knows how frustrating these situations can be. We also understand that you do not want a long-lasting feud with someone who will likely live next door to you for a considerable amount of time. Contact one of our Arapahoe County mediation lawyers to schedule a confidential consultation and discuss your options by calling 303-567-7922.




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