Getting Yourself Ready for A Divorce

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If you have reached the point with your spouse that divorce has gone from “possible” to “almost certain,” you need to start thinking about the road that lies ahead. Of course, you should give some thought to your post-divorce situation, including where you will live and how you will afford your new life. The process of divorce itself, however, will require a substantial amount of consideration and planning. Doing so with purpose and intention can help limit your confusion and stress along the way.

Commit to Cooperate

Your divorce does not have to be chaotic and bitter. In fact, the law in Colorado includes many provisions that encourage you and your spouse to cooperate, negotiate, and create workable agreements. You will only be able to do so, however, if both you and spouse decide this is what you want from the start. When you commit to working together, you can start informal negotiations can start immediately. Any conclusions that the two of you are able to reach can eventually be recorded in the formal settlement agreement.

Keep in mind that the initial commitment to cooperation is only a first step. Along the way, you might have to remind yourself a few times that it is better to work together than to fight it out in court over weeks and months.

Take Stock

Once you recognize that divorce is imminent, you should start developing an idea of an “ideal” settlement would look like to you, and jot down your notes Compile a list of what you own—both your property and that which you and your spouse own together. The list should include your house, cars, furniture, and other physical property, as well as your financial investments and your outstanding obligations. If you have children, start thinking about how you want to divide parenting responsibilities as well. While the final agreement may end up looking much different from your initial ideas, your notes can be a good starting point for discussions with your spouse.

Save Money

It is simply a fact: a divorce will cost you some money. A negotiated or amicable divorce will usually be significantly less expensive than one that requires courtroom litigation, but there will still be expenses involved. You will need to cover attorney and filing fees, and you will probably need a security deposit on a new home or to open a cell phone account separate from the one you share with your spouse. With this in mind, it is advisable to start putting some cash aside to help with any challenges that may arise.

A Denver Family Law Attorney Can Help

Many people who are getting divorced will try cut costs by not hiring an attorney. Unfortunately, this can backfire horribly, as a single error during the divorce process could end up costing you much more than you would have spent on retaining a lawyer. If you are considering a divorce and would like to know how an experienced Castle Rock divorce lawyer from Pesch Law Office PC can help with the process, contact our office today. Call for a confidential consultation.