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The Issue of Spousal Support

When a couple gets divorced, one spouse could be left at a severe financial disadvantage unless the issue of spousal maintenance is properly addressed. Often, it is the wife or stay-at-home mom who was forced to deal with such challenges, but, in today's world, either spouse could just as easily be similarly affected. The concept of alimony, now called spousal maintenance in Colorado, was developed to help such mitigate the effects of a divorce on each spouse so that he or she can maintain a standard of living commensurate with the marriage. At Pesch Law Office PC, we understand the difficulty of life after divorce and the unexpected expenses of two households sharing the same income source. We are experienced in spousal related issues during the pendency of the divorce process and thereafter. Your economic needs will be addressed.

Maintenance Considerations In Colorado

According to Colorado law, whether or not you or your spouse is eligible for maintenance depends on various statutory factors and it is not presumed to be needed in every divorce case. The court must take into consideration the circumstances of each party and the standard living that was established during the marriage. Contributing factors may include each spouse's income and expenses, including the agreed upon or requested distribution of the marital estate at the end of the divorce proceeding. If the court determines that one spouse's need is sufficient, maintenance may be ordered. Or the parties can agree to their own spousal support provisions. Pesch Law Office PC is experienced in deciding whether or not maintenance will be an issue in your dissolution.

Length and Duration of Maintenance Orders

While the courts in Colorado have traditionally been granted wide discretion regarding maintenance decisions, the law in Colorado now includes a guideline calculating how much a spouse will be ordered to pay and for how long. The amount of the award per the statutory guideline is determined based on the gross income of each spouse from all sources, while the duration of the obligation is based on the length of the marriage. The court, however, maintains the discretion to deviate from the statutory guidelines upon consideration of the individual circumstances and the court is not hesitant to do so.

As a general rule, Attorney Pesch advises her clients and attempts to negotiate a financial separation between the parties after the divorce is granted. If a maintenance obligation can be paid in a lump sum or off-set by a disproportionate split of the assets, then a financial separation can be achieved. Pesch Law Office PC will advise you of any and all options

Get the Help You Need

Attorney Susan Marie Pesch has dedicated her career to the practice of family law. Over the last 25 years, she has helped her clients set the maintenance award required until both spouses can be self-supporting. Susan and her team are ready to assist you with your case and fully discuss these issues, whether maintenance is to be awarded on a temporary basis while your divorce is pending or a more long-term solution.

If you are considering a divorce and you expect maintenance to be a point of contention, contact our office. Call 303-567-7922 to schedule a confidential consultation at Pesch Law Office PC today. We are proud to represent clients throughout Denver County, Adams County, Arapahoe County, Broomfield County, Jefferson County and Douglas County.

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