Choosing the Right Attorney for Your Divorce

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One of the most important decisions you will make when going through a divorce is choosing who you will retain to be your divorce attorney. Having the right attorney—one who is not only skilled at his or her craft but also one who you feel comfortable and confident with—is crucial to having a “successful” divorce.

When meeting with a divorce attorney for the first time, there are several areas that you should make sure you find out information on. These areas include:

Attorneys’ Fees and Other Legal Costs

What the attorney charges, such as their hourly rate, how much if any of a retainer is required, as well as other legal fees that may be involved, are topics that every attorney should be forthcoming about. No one needs any surprise expenses, especially while going through such a life-changing event. Although an attorney cannot predict the exact amount your divorce may cost, they should be able to explain the typical costs, as well as situations that could arise which could cause those expenses to increase.

Your Spouse’s Attorney

It is not uncommon for the attorneys of divorcing spouses to know each other professionally and to have worked on opposing sides of the courtroom in other cases. Although you may think it is better if there is strong dislike between the attorneys, it can actually be more beneficial if there is mutual respect between your attorney and your spouse’s attorney. This means the two will actually work better together in moving the case along, rather than dragging it out longer because of the animosity between the two lawyers.

Areas of Law Practiced

Divorce and family law are complicated, and the statutes concerning these laws are frequently changing. It is critical that your attorney is constantly up to date on what those laws are. Having an attorney that focuses on one area of law, rather than practice several, could help ensure that your best interests are protected in the divorce process.

The Firm’s Staff

Often, it is not just the attorney you may be dealing with, but you may also have interactions with other members of the firm’s staff, such as your attorney’s legal assistant or paralegal, and possibly, other attorneys at the firm. Meeting these people can help you decide if this attorney and the firm are a good fit for you and your divorce.

Call a Jefferson County Divorce Attorney

If you are considering a divorce, contacting an experienced Denver divorce lawyer is the first step. Call to schedule a free consultation with Pesch Law Office PC to discuss your situation. We will help you come up with a strategy for getting through your divorce as quickly as possible while fully protecting your rights.