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When you think about the divorce process, do you picture a tense courtroom scene with you on one side and your spouse on the other, ready to fight what you believe is right? The reality for most couples, however, is usually quite different. At Pesch Law Office PC, we understand that only a small percentage of divorce or family law cases require courtroom litigation, typically 3-8% of the cases filed statewide The overwhelming majority of cases are resolved through negotiations and discussion between the parties. There are two directed methods of negotiation that are commonly utilized by couples looking to resolve their differences without protracted and costly litigation. Attorney Susan Marie Pesch can help you choose whether mediation or collaborative law will meet your specific needs.

Mediation Lawyer in Adams County and Throughout the Denver Area

While mediation can be used in virtually any civil proceeding, its value in family law and divorce cannot be overstated. During mediation, you and the other party meet with a neutral third-party mediator who will facilitate the discussion. Each of you will be afforded the opportunity to discuss important concerns and to contribute to the dispute resolution process. Prior to the mediation session, you will have had the opportunity to prepare with Attorney Pesch. Generally, the attorneys are present at the mediation session and Susan will attend with you. Usually, each party is located in a separate room in the same location and the mediator will facilitate the agreement. If agreed, parties and their attorneys can be present in the same room with the mediator. Attorney Pesch you may choose for you to attend mediation on your own as a cost saving measure, but you should have your agreement reviewed by Susan before you sign it and present it to the court.

Attorney Pesch believes strongly in the value of mediation in family law cases. She was trained in family law mediation early in her career. Although Susan cannot act as an attorney and a mediator in the same case, the mediation process is beneficial, even if simply to narrow the issues left unresolved for a Permanent Orders Hearing/Trial. In Colorado, the parties are required to attend a good-faith mediation session in advance of Trial.

Attorney Trained in Collaborative Law

The issue in a divorce case can be resolved through the collaborative law process. This style of resolution requires each party involved agree in advance that they are committed to finding an amicable resolution to the matter without proceeding to court. You and your spouse must retain separate, specially-trained attorneys, and a collaborative law team which includes other relevant professionals to help facilitate an agreement. For example, if you and your spouse are getting divorced and you have significant real estate holdings and three children, you would likely include a real estate appraiser, a financial planner and a parenting or child development mental health professional so that they can provide their unique insights for your family. If the collaborative law process fails to produce a settlement, each attorney agrees to withdraw as counsel, and each party must retain a different lawyer and begin anew with the litigation process.

Attorney Pesch assists her client through the divorce process by utilizing other professionals when it would aid the outcome. Whether it's your child's therapist or your accountant or retaining a new professional to coach you through the parenting issues, the collaborative process can be useful and can shorten the process. Susan was trained in the family law collaborative process early in her career and she embraces the unique insight other professionals can lend to the progress. Susan's family law experience and negotiations skills can be retained as the attorney designated to represent you through the collaborative process or she can be retained as the litigation attorney if the collaborative process does not yield an agreement. The designation must be made at the on-set when Pesch Law Office PC is initially retained.

Experience in Alternative Dispute Resolution

Attorney Susan Marie Pesch has been helping clients with divorce and family law issues for more than 25 years. She has successfully guided many families through the mediation and collaborative law processes and is able to put her knowledge and experience to work for you.

To learn more about mediation and collaborative law in Colorado, contact Pesch Law Office, PC today. Call 303-567-7922 for a confidential consultation. From our office in Denver, we are proud to serve individuals and families throughout Denver County, Douglas County, Adams County, Jefferson County, Arapahoe County, and Broomfield County.

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