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Weld County family and divorce mediation

Mediation Services for Divorce, Child Custody, and Family-Related Matters in Jefferson County

Disputes between spouses, parents, or other family members can often be very complicated and emotional, making them difficult to resolve without outside help. These disputes may involve family law issues such as divorce or child custody, but family members may also need to resolve disagreements about other issues, such as inheritances or visitation between grandparents and grandchildren. In these or other situations, family members can benefit from the help of a professional mediator who is experienced in dispute resolution.

Amber Hill Anderson MA and the team at Pesch Law Office PC understand the difficulties that family members face when they need to resolve legal disputes or other types of disagreements. Our non-attorney mediators work to help our clients find mutually agreeable solutions to their issues. We provide joint mediation sessions at a reasonable cost, and we offer mediation services both in-person and remotely, including over the phone or through Zoom. We are dedicated to helping you resolve your disputes efficiently and amicably.

Benefits of Using Mediation to Resolve Family Issues

Mediation is often used by spouses who are looking to reach a divorce settlement or unmarried or divorced parents who need to resolve matters involving child custody or child support. In these cases, the parties may be represented by an attorney, or they may be self-represented.

Using mediation to address family issues can offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Confidentiality - Mediation sessions are private, and all communications between the parties during mediation will remain confidential. If the parties cannot reach an agreement, requiring them to resolve matters in the courtroom, nothing discussed during mediation can be used as evidence in their case. This confidentiality gives the parties the freedom to speak their minds and discuss their concerns openly throughout the mediation process.
  • Efficiency - Disputes can often be resolved much more quickly through mediation than through family law litigation. Rather than scheduling multiple court hearings that are dependent on the availability of judges and attorneys, parties can often reach agreements over a few mediation sessions that are scheduled at their own convenience.
  • Control - The decisions made during mediation will only become legally binding if both parties agree to them. Instead of leaving decisions up to a judge, which may result in court orders that nobody is happy with, parties are in conrol of finding their own solutions that will meet both of their needs.
  • More effective solutions - By taking a cooperative approach to resolving disputes, parties can reach agreements that will fit their unique situation. This makes it more likely that the parties will abide by the terms of their agreement. Mediation can be especially helpful for parents, who will need to continue to work together as co-parents in the future.

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Whether you are going through a divorce, involved in a child custody dispute, or need to resolve other types of disagreements with a family member or former partner, Pesch Law Office PC can provide you with effective dispute resolution services. We will work with you throughout the mediation process, helping you find ways to resolve your issues with minimal conflict. To learn more about we can help, contact us at 303-567-7922. We provide mediation services to families in Denver and the surrounding metro area, including Broomfield County, Boulder County, Douglas County, Denver, Weld County, Littleton, Boulder, Golden, Arapahoe County, Highlands Ranch, Columbine, and Jefferson County.

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